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Some competition rules & housekeeping

Entries only count if all three steps are completed, including the use of the right hashtag.

You can submit as many entries as you like, but limited to one per day.

Competition opens on Friday the 3rd of Sept & ends on Thursday the 30th of Sept. Results revealed on Friday, 1st October.

Winners will be revealed and tagged inside the FB group.

There are two prizes. First prize INR2000 MakeMyTrip Travel Voucher and admin's choice prize of INR2000 MakeMyTrip Travel Voucher. (Vouchers can be swapped with Amazon vouchers of equivalent amounts.

Vouchers will be given within 10 working days after the winners are declared. Features will be written and published within 30 working days.

Winners will be declared based on two things: 1) the most innovative, witty or humorous travel photo & caption according to judges; and 2) most amount of engagement driven by the post, as in likes, comments, etc. For the admin's choice award, additional things like group participation and new group invitees will also be taken into account. Both winners will also win a professionally-written feature on

All participants agree that their competition entries may be used by YOTRIPP on their official social media pages. Winners will get a tagged shoutout on YOTRIPP's official social accounts.

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