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50 (Secret) Resources That Save You At Least $100 Per Person Per Trip
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50 Useful Budget Travel Resources to Save Money on Travel

What Will You Get From This Book?

Budget travel is often misconstrued as stingy travel that involves a lot of compromises and sacrifices. But budget travel is nothing but smart, flexible travel that's just about picking your luxuries. So in this guide, you get...

Book 'Cheap Flights'

Handpicked 'cheap air travel' resources that give you the biggest savings on flight bookings!

Cheap 'Trains & Buses'

8 'secret' resources to save on train and bus bookings while you are at your destinations.

Cheap Hotel Bookings

17 resources to snag cheap hotel bookings without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Cutting Other Travel Costs

13 'almost obscure - secret' resources to cut your ancillary travel costs, such as insurance, tour fees, and more.

Money-Saving Travel Tips

4 travel tips that will make your travel budgets last longer, so you can travel more for the same expense.

Travel Community Access

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What's Included

Free Resources to Save Money on Travel
  • Resources for cheap flight bookings.
  • Resources for cheap train travel.
  • Resources for cheap bus travel.
  • Resources for cheap sightseeing tours.
  • Resources for cheap hotel bookings.
  • Other Resources for budget travel.
  • Budget travel tips.
  • Access to free travel community.

Who This Book Is For

Whether you are a traveller looking to explore newer destinations on a budget or are a travel blogger with a budget travel niche, this book is your go-to offer.


In this post-pandemic time putting a strain on finances, these budget resources can help travellers save money.


Adventures are expensive; these resources help to save at least $100 per person per trip so you can have more adventures.

Tour Curators

These resources help make the life of tour curators so easy; now everything can be within budget.

Travel Agents

Local travel agents can use these resources to build great travel itineraries for clients, and perfectly within budget too!.

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